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High Density Filing Solutions

High Density Filing Solutions.

High Density File Storage Solution & Systems In Houston, Texas Sales & Installation Services Available

High Density Filing Solutions

The “paperless office” has been predicted, debunked, and re-predicted at intervals since the 1970s, and in 2014 it is still basically nonexistent. In a 2014 white paper by information storage company Iron Mountain, the myth of the paperless office was once again shattered with the revelation that paper use is actually increasing in 32% of firms surveyed.

While there are massive quantities of data that exist solely in digital form, the explosion in data creation means that even if only a fraction of that data is held in hard-copy form, it represents a lot of paper, and maintaining order with all that paper requires a smart filing system. Rare is the office that doesn’t have several filing cabinets, but all filing systems are not the same. Flexibility in a filing system is essential for optimal management. Here are some considerations for your filing system.

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